PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE! The number of fatal pool events is increasing!

There were 209 fatal and 35 nonfatal submersion cases reported in Los Angeles County from 2009. The majority(94%) involved children younger than 5 years, 56% involved boys, 73% occurred in the child's own yard, and 81% occurred during the summer months.
Please never leave your child in the pool not supervised; equip your pool with isolation fencing, pool alarms and safety covers.
Have a great and safe summer!

Do we know everything about PREMATURITY?

Recent studies have shown that premature babies face a great risk of major health problems as an adolescents and adults.
Prematurity is being linked to hypertension, coronary artery disease, decreased lung function later in life.
Males, persons born with lower birth weight and at lower gestational age are at higher risk.

Long term Impact of poor Birth Condition on Social Outcomes in Adulthood

Infants with low Apgar scores who did not develop encephalopathy were less likely to have attended university and were more likely to have no income from work than those born in good condition. infants who had encephalopathy had worse outcomes.


Do you know?:
1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetimes;
Just one blistering sunburn as a child doubles melanoma risk:
Skin cancer is the country's most common malignancy
What to do? Use sunblock properly:
Use SPF15 and higher;
Apply thick layer and apply second coat in 3-5 min;
Obey two hour rule, do not forget to reapply;
Do not forget lips and scalp.

American Academy of Pediatrics says forget sports and energy drinks—water is best

Don't believe the hype about sports drinks and energy drinks optimizing athletic performance. Plain water is still the best choice for children and adolescents, says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in a new clinical report.
AAP Report, June 2011

Young athletes use fewer drugs, but more alcohol

Teens who exercise and play team sports are less likely to be smokers or use marijuana and other drugs, according to a new study.
Contemporary pediatrics, June 2011


Investigators found that introduction of solid foods to infants younger than 4 month is associated with an increased risk for obesity later in life.
Contemporary Pediatrics, May 2011


Studies have revealed that US fathers increased time spent on child care duties from 2.5 hours/week in 1965 to 7 hours/week in 2000.
This amount is greater than fathers in Australia and Europe!
82% of the fathers had attended a well-child visits in 2006.
PEDIATRICS, Volume 127, April 2011


Pregnant women who are exposed to secondhand smoke are estimated to be 23% more likely to experience stillbirth and 13% more likely give birth to a child with congenital malformation. Report from UK Center for Tobacco Control Studies.
Prevent and educate!


Melanoma causes more than 75% of skin cancer death.
People at highest risk have light skin and eyes and sunburn easily.
Experts believe that in the past 5 years there was dramatic increase in skin cancer.
That may be due to increasing use of tanning salons.
SPF of 25 should be used when person might sunburn; should be reapplied every 2 hours.
Skin cancer prevention is lifelong effort.
Protect your kids, educate!


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